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Pot Zero

Marijuana cultivated with zero carbon footprint and zero chemicals.

Specializing in Rare Cannabinoids: 


Pot Zero

Marijuana cultivated with zero carbon footprint and zero chemicals.

Specializing in Rare Cannabinoids: 

Pot zero plantation tour


Mission Statement

Pot Zero’s mission is to create the most environmentally conscious marijuana products available in Colorado and beyond.  Our vision is to produce with passion the cleanest, greenest, and 100% sustainable branded marijuana products in the industry.  By maintaining a zero carbon footprint and zero use of chemicals, our cultivation process preserves our natural resources while providing a clean, safe, and renewable product.



All operations powered by our own hydro-electric turbine, and the rest is provided by the sun.

The only zero carbon footprint cultivation in Colorado.


Cultivated with indigenous composted material utilizing cutting edge organic growing methods.

Irrigated with snow melt water sourced from a pristine 12,500 ft mountain directly above the plantation. We call this from Snow to Grow.

rare cannabinoids

Industry leader in RARE Cannabinoids with highest levels of CBG, CBC, and THCV in flower and concentrates.  Lots of THC as well.

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**We only sell products to licensed MJ facilities in Colorado.







Colorado's Most Environmentally Friendly Marijuana Cultivation.

Our concept and brand is Pot Zero which emphasizes our zero carbon footprint and zero chemical cultivation model.

Our power is produced by our own hydro-electric turbine for all electrical power. This is 100% sustainable and zero carbon footprint electricity and the only marijuana cultivator using this technology.

The rest of the energy is provided by the sun. Our process is bio-dynamic, as we utilize composted animal waste from our cattle herd for nutrients and fertilizer. We do not use any chemicals on our marijuana plants!


Colorado's leading environmentally friendly marijuana brand, Pot Zero, shows how they use snow melt water directly from pristine 12,500 ft mountain to grow the cleanest marijuana at their plantation. 

Watch this video describing how major snowstorms this Fall caused our marijuana plants this year (2018) to have high THC and CBG results.

Next year, we hope to produce the same high quality plants. 

Watch this video, with one of our owners showing how we are organic and bio-dynamic with our "Mordu's."

We are blessed with fantastic mountain loam soil, intense ultra violet light because of our 8,200 foot elevation, and water that comes directly to our property from a pristine 12,500 foot mountain. We also have cows and horses that we use for natural fertilizer.

We are very passionate about having the cleanest, greenest and most sustainable operation in Colorado. Our concept and brand is Pot Zero which emphasizes our zero carbon footprint and zero chemical model.


TNT Ranch, home of Pot Zero, is located on our family property on the western slope of Colorado. The property has been utilized for agricultural purposes, including a year round Scottish Highlander cattle operation, along with haying, and other ranching activity. It has been carefully stewarded in terms of land and soil use, water conservation and development, and wildlife habitat enhancement. Other major focuses have been fish and fishery enhancement and forestry. In addition, the property is an off-grid stand alone facility, utilizing a modern hydro-electric turbine for power. 

Because of the low use of energy and high use of natural resources, the TNT Ranch has been recognized twice over the years as a premier steward of resources by the local Eagle County Soil Conservation District. In February of 2014, the TNT Ranch was awarded "Large Acreage Conservationist of the Year."

We believe we have the perfect combination of sustainable growing techniques, organic fertilization, and pure Rocky Mountain spring water. None of the water that is utilized on the ranch crosses any other property or runs for miles through any ditches. The water comes from the mountain to the ranch and is as clean and pure as there is. 

When Marijuana was legalized in Colorado, Rob and Linda, owners of Pot Zero, decided to pursue a 100% sustainable, zero carbon footprint, and zero chemical licensed Marijuana cultivation on the property.  Thus Pot Zero was born. We have been in operation since May 2015. 


Pot Zero Marijuana Products

We sell vape pens and cartridges to various Colorado dispensaries, as well as Flower and Trim.

Pot Zero Marijuana Products

We sell vape pens and cartridges to various Colorado dispensaries, as well as Flower and Trim.

Pot Zero Flower

Rich in CBG and Other Rare Cannabinoids, along with THC

Pot Zero’s 2017 fall harvest has arrived and miraculously our flower has not only high THC potencies, but very high CBG potencies. We believe this is the result of unique environmental conditions including heavy snow, cold temperatures, our 8200 foot elevation, light fluctuations, our rich native soil, and our organic nutrients. CBG is non-
psychoactive and appears to minimize the paranoia effects of THC.

It also appears to aid in the treatment of depression, inhibit the growth of tumors in colorectal cancer, alleviate the
inflammation in persons suffering from Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Crohn’s Disease, relieve ocular pressure in patients suffering from glaucoma, assist in the treatment of bacterial infections including MRSA, minimize anxiety, protect neurons in patients suffering from Huntington’s disease which is characterized by nerve cell degeneration in the brain, and
potentially assist in psoriasis and multiple schlerosis. We are not making these claims, but please check out these links that point to the potential health benefits of CBG:




This is one of the best strains we've produced so far - Axilla.



Orange Krush - has a wonderful citric taste and smell!

Orange Krush - has a wonderful citric taste and smell!

All Pot Zero genetics are sourced from The Bank. Pot Zero proudly chooses to partner with The Bank Cannabis due to their superior custom genetics and leadership in breeding healthy and happy strains with excellent potencies and flavor.  For more information, please visit The Bank's website


Pot Zero Vape: Better for your body
Better for our planet

Pot Zero now offers its own branded vape cartridges.  We use only Pot Zero marijuana sourced at our zero carbon footprint, zero chemical plantation.   We then extract the hash oil with CO2.  Our process does not utilize any dilutive or potentially harmful cutting agents such as propylene glycol (PG) or MCT.  Since our hash oil is uncut, it is thicker and more potent, requiring fewer puffs.

We believe it is cleaner to use heat instead of cutting agents to thin the hash oil. Further, we utilize the best cartridge technology available. Push the button on your battery and heat the oil in our cartridge.  This will thin the viscosity and allow the atomizer to vaporize effectively.  

pot zero vape cartridges

Current strains available:

Lucy  (90% Indica,10% Sativa)  This is an incredible strain for hash oil with THC over 40% and CBD over 30%.  Simply remarkable with rave reviews! Provides a long lasting head and body effect.

Camelwalk Kush (50/50 hybrid)  Potent and uplifting!  Piney, peppery, and earthy kush.

Purple Confidential (60% Indica,40% Sativa) Sweet and fruity with skunky undertones.  Potent, but relaxing. 

Reba (50/50 hybrid Durban Poison derivative) Durban poison taste with uplifting, calming high.

Pot Zero 24 pack cartridge.

Pot Zero 24 pack cartridge.

Hemlock (50/50 Hybrid) Nice Durban undertone hybrid!

Fluffhead (Sativa leaning hybrid) From the Cannabis Bank Genetics this strain smells and tastes like an Afghan Kush and Afghan diesel. It’s POTENT!

Sourdough Kush (50/50 Hybrid) This strain is Camelwalk bred with an unknownmale. This strain is Pot Zero’s own!

Fainting Goat (Sativa) Sweet, spicy tropical Durban poison flavor. Makes for a
vibrant, clear, happy high! Has uniquely high levels of THC, CBG, CBC, and THCV!

Hurricane (Sativa leaning hybrid) Fruity Panama Punch through and through.

Axilla: (Axilla- Indica leaning hybrid) Tastes like a blue tootsie pop. Strong hybrid with sativa punch and high levels of CBG. Amazing tingling in face,shoulders, and arms. Impressive potencies: THC (65%) and CBG (6.5%)

Orange Krush: Huge citric blast! Has sativa lift with indica finish and high CBG. THC potency close to 70% and CBG potency levels are around 7%. Also contains CBC, another great cannabinoid.

Jabba OG (Indica leaning hybrid) Earthy spicy flavor with high THC and high CBG!

Poison Punch (Sativa) Clear, uplifting sativa with mango black pepper flavor. High THC combined with high CBG, high CBC, AND high THCV. All very important cannabinoids not usually seen in such large quantities in marijuana.


AVAILABLE ONLY IN COLORADO at these fine dispensaries:

All Cartridge locations:

Altitude Organic, Dillon, CO 817 Little Beaver Trail, Dillon, CO 80435

Sweet Leaf Pioneer, Eagle, CO 1286 Chambers Ave, unit #101 and #105, Eagle, CO 81631

Roots RX, Eagle-Vail, CO 40690 Hwy 6, Suite E-2, Avon, CO 81620

Roots RX, Aspen, CO 400 E. Hyman Ave, Unit A-102, Aspen, CO 81611

Roots RX, Basalt, CO 165 Southside Drive, Basalt, CO 81621

Roots RX, Edwards, CO 210 Edwards Village Blvd, Suite B110, Edwards, CO 81632

Roots RX, Leadville, CO 145 Front St, Leadville, CO 80461

Nature’s Gift Shop, Pueblo, CO 148 E. Assembly Dr, Pueblo, CO 81007

Urban Dispensary, Denver, CO 2675 W 38th Ave, Denver, CO 80211

All flower locations:

Altitude Organic, Dillon, CO 417 Little Beaver Trail, Dillon, CO 80435

A Cut Off The Top, Denver, CO 2059 W. 9th Ave, Denver, CO 80204

Ajoya, Louisville, 1100 West Dillon Rd, Unit D-3, Louisville, CO 80027

Best Budz, Pueblo, CO 22344 US HWY 50 Business, Pueblo, CO 81006

High Q, Carbondale, CO 922 Hwy 133, Carbondale, CO 81623

High Q, Silt, CO 730 Main St, Silt, CO 81652

Nature’s Gift Shop, Pueblo, CO 148 E. Assembly Dr., Pueblo, CO 81007

The Clinic, Denver , CO 2020 South Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO 80222

The Clinic, Denver, CO 4625 E. Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80220

The Clinic, Denver, CO 3460 W. 32nd Ave, Denver, CO 80211

Sticky Buds, Denver, 2262 South Broadway, Denver, CO 80210

The Giving Tree, 2707 West 38th Ave @ Clay St, Denver, CO 80211

The Green Genie, Antonito, CO, 106 E 4th Ave, Antonito, CO 81120

Lifeflower, Glendale, CO 5966 Leetsdale Drive, Glendale, CO 80246

Wolf Pac Cannabis, Denver, CO 74 Federal Blvd, Denver, CO 80219

Smokin Gun, Glendale, CO 492 South Colorado Blvd, Glendale, CO 80246



Pot Zero

11157 Gypsum Creek Road. 

Gypsum, CO. 81673


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