All cannabis plants, whether psychoactive or not, dramatically absorb both desirable and undesirable components in soil.  In other words, whatever the plants are being fed, are being metabolized into the plant tissue.  In the marijuana world, plants and the soil or the hydroponic system that they live in, are being fed excessive amounts of chemicals produced by the petro-chemical industry, all in the name of yield and potency.   There is little regard for what is actually in the plant, because the plant can appear to be healthy, but in fact contains whatever was in the soil or fertilizers.  Cannabis was used to clean up Chernobyl’s radioactive heavy metals because it is an extremely effective phytoremediator.  See related articles.

If cannabis plants can absorb radioactive material and appear to be green and healthy, imagine what can possibly be in marijuana that you don’t know and don’t want to have in it.  At Pot Zero, we grow in native and pristine mountain loam soil, and use zero chemicals.  Our water comes directly from the snowpack above our plantation.  We do not use municipal water that is treated with fluoride or chlorine.  We know the plants pick up everything, so we are careful stewards to make certain that what they are picking up is good.  Exacerbating the situation is the concept of concentrating marijuana material, because as you concentrate the THC potency, you are also concentrating all unwanted or harmful materials.  Just look at the label on many marijuana concentrate products and see the list of chemicals used in the cultivation process.  Not only are these chemicals being used and concentrated, but horrible substances used in making chemical fertilizers are also in the fertilizers.  (They just don’t have to tell you this.)  This is why we say START CLEAN, END CLEAN.  The only material that will ever be in our branded products comes from our Pot Zero plantation.  Many large producers of concentrates in the marijuana world do not grow their own material, but purchase scraps from different growers and hope that the material is clean.  Many have been caught in residual pesticide recalls because no one really knows what’s in the material coming from so many different sources.  We control our material from seed to harvest and then process our concentrates with the cleanest methods possible.