Since legalization, the marijuana industry has exploded over the last decade.  One of the main advantages for legalizing cannabis is for proper oversight and regulation of the crop. However, even with strict government agencies in place, not all cultivators, extractors, and edible manufacturers in the legal cannabis industry are growing true, clean, sustainable pot.

With cultivators using a variety of growing techniques, nutrients, pesticides, and artificialities, marijuana smokers today need to be cautious with regards to their cannabis purchases. Similar to the absolutely excessive amount of processed foods and sugars in today’s food market, there are just a handful of growers that understand what it means to grow clean, sustainable, organic marijuana.

At Pot Zero, our growing technique maintains a 100% zero-carbon footprint. When a visitor arrives at Pot Zero, it is noticeable immediately what “clean pot” really looks like. With pristine mountain loam soil, fresh clean water from a mountain stream, and power generated from a hydro-electric turbine, Pot Zero holds a standard of true organic, sustainable cultivation at the absolute highest level.