Our facility is powered by our own self-provided hydro electric turbine.  We use the 100% sustainable energy from our turbine to power our security system, surveillance system, electric pumps, electric fans, and our germination and seedling stage LED grow lighting needs.  Once our seedlings mature, they are planted directly into native soil and the sun’s intense ultraviolet light at our 8200 ft elevation does the rest.  When I toured my first indoor grow I observedhundreds of lights, fans simulating wind, and air conditioning continuously running to lower the temperature from the heat of the lights.   The first thing that came to my mind was that this artificial environment was a huge energy conflict.  Did you know that the current marijuana industry uses 6 times more electricity than the pharmaceutical industry and uses about 1% of the nation’s electricity production? http://fortune.com/2015/12/21/marijuana-energy-consumption   Imagine if we grew all of our corn inside!  I then wondered if we could grow marijuana at our ranch at 8200 ft.  Everyone told me that it couldn’t be done.  What about the wind?  Heavy rains?  Snow? Frost? Hail?  Lots of bad bugs? Varmints? Critters?  Mother Nature is not without her challenges and you have to mitigate all risk factors with vigilance, innovation, and determination, but She provides tremendous gifts, and marijuana plants are spectacular in their desire to survive.  Our Zero carbon footprint pertains to the cultivation of the plants from seed to harvest.  Any further processing, extracting, packaging, etc is not zero carbon footprint, but that will be our next obsession!